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          What is Choral Music? Choral music is the basic primitive art form of singing. Singing is the one thing that we have all been doing since birth. Studying music and singing allow scholars who have vocal potential to grow socially, musically, and physically. In addition, singing provides an avenue for the scholar to gain financial support in college through scholarships and grants. Did you know that even if your scholar decides to major in Geoengineering at Georgia State University, they are still eligible for scholarship money to sing in the choir as an extra-curricular activity! 

          The goal of the Liberty Middle School Vocal Studies program is to promote music through academia and performance. It the core job of this program to develop scholars who are well-rounded individuals who are college ready and ready to tackle the world -- one song at a time! Not only are scholars developing as musicians in the LMS Vocal Studies Program, they work to understand the principles of music, the core of what it means to be a properly functioning member of a working ensemble; and develop a sensible relationship with peers and authority figures. 


  • August 19 & 21 -- Show Choir Auditions 
  • August 30 -- First Semester Parent Meeting
  • September 17  -- Auditions for Winter Musical 
  • October 30 -- Fall Chorus Concert  
  • November 21-22 -- Willy Wonka Jr. Musical
  • December 19 -- Winter Arts Showcase
  • December 20 -- Holiday Dinner/Movie & Party
  • January 14 -- Second Semester Parent Meeting
  • February 25 -- Black History Program
  • March TBD -- Large Group Performance Evaluations 
  • March 24 -- Spring Chorus Concert 
  • March 26-29 -- Disney World Trip & Music Festival
  • May 14 -- Motown Review Concert & Chorus Banquet


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