Knights Band Parents


Dear Band Parents

The Liberty Middle School Band Parents Association is the parental support group for the Liberty Middle School Bands. Our acronyms will be Knight’s BP (Knight’s Band Parents) because parental support is the most important factor in the success of any band program. Its purpose is to enhance the band program by various means: providing funds through fundraising efforts, chaperoning band activities, supplying a volunteer workforce for clerical and other everyday activities, maintaining concert attire, publishing a newsletter, and other support activities as needed. Membership in the BP is not mandatory; however, students can participate in all events but will be required to pay out of pocket. The Knight’s BP is here to assist the band students and the band director in whatever manner is needed to achieve a smooth and orderly band program.

The Liberty Middle Band Program has a Steering Committee which consists of band parents from various grade levels. This committee meets with Mr. Luke bi-weekly to discuss planning events and resources for meeting goals for the band students. There will be a bi-monthly meeting of the Knight’s BP to inform parents of events and plans for the band. In the future we hope to elect officers to maintain the band association.

The Knight’s BP needs a large number of volunteers for many functions and activities. There are a number of committees and positions that provide opportunities for you to help support the band. If you are available for one or more of the following positions, please contact the Knight’s BP.

1. Chaperoning band functions

2. Fundraising

3. Communications

4. Logistics Support

5. Volunteer support (at school and outside)

6. Scholarships

7. Plan and fund social activities (end of year awards party, etc.)

8. Hospitality:Members of this committee take turns coordinating refreshments for several band events.

9. End of the Year Social Decorations Coordinator:Develop a decorations theme for the event, set-up/take-down decorations before/after the event.

The Knight’s BP and the band students sponsor several fundraising events during the year. The proceeds will be used to pay for our office equipment and supplies, sheet music for the students, buses to transport the students to band events, concert expenses, instrument repair, musical equipment, instructional materials, postage, clinicians, band camp, band camp scholarships, and hospitality. Fundraisers include the Georgia Dome Concession Stand, World’s Finest Chocolates, and Great American Cookie Dough. Many volunteers are needed!

2015-2016 LMS Band Fee

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, we will collect a School Band Fee. Again, Membership in the Knight’s Band Parents is not mandatory. Regardless of whether you choose not to participate in the Knight’s BP; your child can still participate in all the activities. The events that carry a cost you will be ask to pay out of pocket for them to attend. The fee is $70 for 7th and 8th grade band members and $40 for 6th grade band members. It can be made in 4 monthly installments. Make checks payable to "Liberty Middle School".

Payment Plan.

9/14 – Band Fee Payment #1 due occur
10/12 – Band Fee Payment #2 due
11/16 – Band Fee Payment #3 due
12/7 – Final Band Fee Payment

This non-refundable fee will cover:

· Uniform shirts 
· All honor band and festival registrations 
· School instrument use 
· All bus trips/meals.

This will mean we will NOT collect fees at any other time throughout the year. We will still conduct fundraisers to assist in reaching our goals for trips, banquets and trophies, awards and help buy large instruments and repairs, but as always, participation will be optional.

Musically Yours,
Thomas Luke, Director of Bands